Installing New Glass In Your Existing Windows

If you have custom windows in your home that are in good shape but need glass replacement for some reason, finding a glazing company to replace the glass is often the best option. Glass glazing companies offer many different services and anytime you are dealing with large or custom glass installation, using a glazing company to do the job will make sure it is done correctly.

Custom Glass

If you need some custom glass panels, finding a glass shop that can make or source the glass you need is critical. Since most glass companies also install the glass they sell, you can typically work with one company for the custom glass and installation. 

Some glass suppliers will make special glass panels but do not offer installation, so you need to find a glazing company or contractor to help you in that situation. If you are not sure what you need, check with a glass company in your area to see if they do the installation or who they can recommend for you. 

Installing Your Glass

Once you make your custom glass purchase, the glazing company will take the glass and install it for you in your frames. The technique they use to install the glass will depend a lot on the type of frame you have. 

For commercial properties, you may be working with aluminum frames with rubber seals, but in a residential property. You may need the glass put into old wooden frames that use glazing putty to secure the glass to the frame. If the frames are extremely old, it is vital that you use a glazing company that knows how to deal with them, so they do not damage the wood during the replacement process.

Specialty Glass

In some parts of the country, you may be looking for specialty glass. Tinted glass, impact-resistant glass, or heat reflective glass could all used in your windows. Check with the glazing company to make sure they can work with the type of glass you need and if they can source it for you or if you need to buy the glass from a glass manufacturer.

If you are sourcing the glass, have the glazing company help you with the measurements to ensure the glass you order is going to fit correctly in the frames. If the glass does not fit, the glazing company will not be able to install the glass, and it could add a delay to the project and affect the cost of the project.

To learn more, contact a glass glazing company today.

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