Getting A Quote For Auto Glass Repair? Three Important Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer

If a rock or other type of road debris has flown up and hit your windshield, a chip or crack may be present. In many cases, the chip or crack can be repaired using resin, which helps to prevent it from growing in size. It is important that you get the chip or crack repaired quickly to help prevent it from growing. When you are calling an auto glass repair company for a quote, they will ask you many questions to determine if the glass can be repaired and what the cost may be. Here are three of the questions that you should be prepared to answer. 

What Type of Chip or Crack Is Present on the Auto Glass

There are different types of chips and cracks that may be present on your auto glass, including a star break, a bull's eye, a half-moon, a stress crack, and a floater crack. Different types of chips and cracks need to be handled differently. Some may be able to be repaired, while others may not be. Letting an auto glass repair shop know what type of chip or crack is present and the approximate size helps them to determine the best course of action for your windshield and if a repair is even possible. 

If Your Auto Glass is Tinted or Has a Film on It

Another piece of information that you should be prepared to tell an auto glass repair company is whether your auto glass is tinted or whether it has a film on it to protect it from ice or road debris. These films need to be removed around the damaged area to ensure the resin adheres to the glass itself. The film can then be reinstalled over the area. This increases the time the repair takes and the cost of the repair. 

If Your Auto Glass Has a Rain Sensor

Lastly, a professional needs to know if your auto glass uses rain sensors. If your windshield wipers are placed in the automatic or intermittent position, do they turn on when it rains? If so, you have rain sensors, which are in the glass. A professional has to examine the chips or cracks to ensure the rain sensors were not damaged, which can increase the repair cost of your windshield. 

Providing an auto glass repair company with correct answers to the questions they ask helps to ensure that they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible when you need auto glass repair services. If a rock or piece of road debris has left its mark on your windshield, contact an auto glass repair company today to learn more about getting your windshield repaired. 

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