5 Reasons to Install a Glass Block Wall in a Walk-In Shower

When you install a walk-in shower, you need to build a wall screen between the shower and the rest of your bathroom. While some people use tiles or shower screens to create this wall, you can also use decorative glass blocks.

What are the advantages of building a shower wall from glass blocks?

1. Create Your Own Designs

If you want to jazz up your bathroom, then the wall that separates off your shower is a blank canvas for your design ideas. If you build this partition from glass blocks, then you can customize how the partition looks.

For example, you could go for a clean and subtle look by using clear or soft-tone glass blocks. You can create a design by using blocks with different patterns. Or, you can create a mosaic effect by using different colors.

2. Boost Your Privacy

If your current bathroom is short on privacy, then a glass block shower is an ideal solution. These blocks are opaque, so you won't feel so exposed if someone else comes into the room while you're taking a shower.

People can still see your outline through the blocks, but they won't see you clearly. You'll feel much more shut off from the rest of the room.

3. Bring Light Into the Shower

Incoming light can be a problem in a walk-in shower. If you use a solid wall or screen to block off the shower, then you could also block out too much light. If you don't have a window or other light source in the area, then your shower could feel dark and gloomy.

If you install a glass block wall as a screen, then light filters through the glass. Your shower is lighter. You can even create mood effects by using colored blocks.

4. Create a Wall That Lasts

If you use a screen to close off a walk-in shower, then the screen could work loose over time if you bash against it. If you use a tiled partition wall, then your tiles won't last forever.

A glass block wall is a very robust alternative. These blocks are thick and sturdy. A well-built wall will last for years without getting damaged.

5. Make It Easy to Clean

Cleaning a shower can take time. You might have to clean scale off regular glass screens; the grout around tiles can discolor and turn mouldy after a while. You'll spend more time cleaning than you like.

You'll find it a lot easier to keep glass blocks looking good. For a start, their rugged and opaque look hides dirt and scale marks until you can clean them. They just need a quick wipe down.

To find out more about using decorative glass blocks in your shower, contact glass suppliers.

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