Unexpected Custom Mirror Installation Ideas

Where can you hang custom mirrors? Above the bathroom vanity, in your walk-in closet, and on the living room wall as part of the room's decor are a few obvious answers to this question. But these aren't the only places to put mirrors. Take a look at the not-so-obvious places for a custom mirror installation.

The Hallway

The hallway is more than just a corridor you walk through on your way from one room to another. These home spaces can accent the overall decor and tie decorative palettes from room to room together. 

How can you use mirrors in your hallway? If you prefer a traditional type of aesthetic, you can hang one mirror in the center of the wall or at the end of a hallway. But if you want something that stands out or has a different look, consider trying these ideas:

  • A full wall mirror. Create a mirrored hallway wall. This option is ideal for dimly lit or small spaces. It can also work well in an area that's adjacent to a closet or similar dressing room. 

  • A gallery-style mirrored wall. If a full mirrored wall doesn't look right in your home or doesn't match your style, you can try a gallery-style mirror arrangement. Choose a variety of custom-cut mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Frame some of the mirrors and leave others bare. Hang the mirrors, as if they're artwork, together on the wall.

  • A mirrored tile border. Instead of mirrors in the middle of the wall, line the top or bottom with mirrored tiles. 

The narrow space of a hallway can make it tricky to hang mirrors properly. Instead of a do-it-yourself job, hire a professional for this type of installation project. A glass and mirror contractor can create custom-cut pieces and hang them with ease.

The Exterior

Mirrors don't have to stay indoors. Whether you want to reflect the natural sunlight or just like the look of a metallic mirror on your home's exterior, a professional can hang this type of custom-cut glass:

  • In a garden. Reflect the fresh growing flowers in your garden with a mirror hung on a fence, post, shed, or other similar outdoor space.

  • On your home. A contractor can install a custom mirror on the exterior of your home. This can create a dramatic backyard style or add a shabby chic look to your patio.

  • On an outdoor kitchen. Use a mirror as an outdoor kitchen backsplash, as tile, or on exterior kitchen cabinetry.

If you're not sure where to hang this type of exterior glass, custom mirror installers can help. Ask the installation pro which placement makes the most sense for both form and function. 

For more ideas, contact a custom mirror installation service near you.

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