5 Reasons To Fix A Commercial Broken Window Fast

A cracked window on your business building may not seem like a big deal, especially if the damage is small or if you have multi-paned windows. Unfortunately, even a small crack can lead to more problems, so it's important to schedule a repair as soon as possible. 

1. Safety Concerns

Cracks compromise the integrity of a window, increasing the chances of complete breakage. If someone leans against a window, it could shatter and lead to injury — an injury that you as a business owner would likely be liable for. Temperature fluctuations, such as those seen in winter, make further breakage even more likely, as does a crack near the edge seal of the glass. 

2. First Impressions

The outward appearance of your building affects how customers view your business. If the windows are broken and in ill repair, your potential customers could have a negative first impression and they may decide to take their business elsewhere. Repairing broken windows may seem like a small thing, but it can lead to increased customer traffic due to a better overall impression of your business.

3. Energy Efficiency

A cracked window is no longer energy efficient. If the window was a multi-pane insulated window, the crack will break the seal so that the window loses much of its insulative qualities. For single-pane windows, a crack can result in a draft that will further lead to a loss of efficiency. Inefficient damaged windows can cost a lot in terms of energy costs, so repairing the windows should be a top priority. 

4. Insurance Purposes

Neglecting to fix a damaged window can actually affect your insurance coverage. Often, commercial building policies come with inspection contingencies, and a broken window may not pass inspection. It may result in denial of coverage or a higher monthly insurance premium. Certain aspects may also not be covered if the lack of repair is considered owner neglect, such as injuries from a broken window or breaking and entering through the compromised window.

5. Vandalism Deterrent 

A broken window can signal to vandals that they will get away with their crimes. This means what starts out as a small broken window can lead to further breakages or graffiti problems. Thieves may also be tempted by the neglect shown from a non-repaired window, so they may take the opportunity to force broken windows open to steal from your business. Fixing the window will deter vandals and thieves. 

Contact a commercial window glass repair service for more assistance with your broken windows.

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