What To Know About Car Windshield Repair

Chips and cracks to car windshields are not uncommon, but they aren't something you should leave unaddressed. Windshield repair is necessary if your windshield is damaged due to rocks, road debris, or other means. Not repairing your windshield can make driving dangerous. Cracks and chips can spread, especially when you hit a bump in the road. If you need windshield repairs, here are three things you need to know. 

Not All Windshields Are Repairable

The first thing to know about car windshield repair is that not all windshields will be repairable. There are situations where car windshield replacement is necessary. There are four things that auto glass professionals consider when determining whether to repair or replace your windshield: damage location, size, type, and depth. If the damage is too deep or large, repairs may not be an option. The location of the damage also matters. Even with a small chip or crack, repair may not be an option if it's in the driver's line of sight. 

What It Costs

If your windshield is repairable, the good news is that car windshield repairs are affordable. The more minor the damage, the cheaper the repairs will be. On average, you'll pay between $50 and $150 for windshield repairs. Another thing to know is that your auto insurance policy may cover the cost of repairs to the windshield. Before heading to the auto glass shop, call your insurance company to see what your policy covers. Even if your auto insurance policy doesn't cover the repairs, they tend to be affordable. 

It's Best To Leave It To The Professionals

Another thing to know about windshield repairs is that they are best left to auto glass professionals. While you can buy do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits, only a professional will be able to determine what the best course of action for your windshield is. It can be challenging to determine whether a crack or chip can be repaired or whether a windshield replacement is necessary. An auto glass professional will also get the job done right the first time, and you will be able to drive away with confidence after the repairs. 

If your car windshield is damaged, there are a few things to know. First, not all windshield damage can be repaired, so seeking out an auto glass professional as soon as possible is vital. Second, consider how much car windshield repairs cost. The good news is that repairs are typically affordable. Finally, while it can be tempting to do the repairs on your own, it's best to use an auto glass professional. 

For more information about windshield repair, contact a local auto glass shop. 

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