4 Common Windshield Problems You Should Not Ignore

You need your windshield in good shape for safety on the road. If it is not, your car will be an eyesore, and you will be at risk of catastrophic injuries. Luckily, windshield damages can be fixed in just a few minutes at an experienced auto glass shop. Being aware of the common windshield problems and their effect on your safety can help you be proactive in seeking the right solution. This post will highlight common issues your windshield may develop and how an auto glass repair shop can help.

1. Cracks

This is probably the most common damage your windshield may sustain. It is caused by collisions, temperature differences, road debris, or bad weather. While cracks differ in terms of size and location, their effects are the same—weakened windshield. No windshield crack is too small for repair. If anything, the earlier you visit an auto glass shop for repair, the higher the chances of the repair contractors preventing it from worsening and putting your life at risk.

2. Chips

When road debris such as gravel or pebbles hits your windshield, the chances are that they may leave chips on it. Do not let chips get in the way of your car's safety and beauty. They are the easiest to repair. When you visit a seasoned auto glass repair shop, the technicians can use recommended resin to seal the chip and ensure your windshield is as safe as new. But if the windshield has many chips that interfere with your visibility, the auto glass shop may recommend replacement. They have quality windshields and will offer excellent installation services without hurting your pocket.

3. Shattering

While windshields are made with high-end shatterproof technology, it does not mean shattering is impossible. In many cases, windshield shattering happens during road accidents such as a head-on collision. Also, if you overlook cracks, they may aggravate, causing shattering. Never drive a car with a shattered windshield. It is extremely risky and could land you in legal trouble. Visit an auto glass shop for immediate replacement.

4. Pitting

This happens when your windshield is exposed to sand and road debris for a long time. These particles wear down your windshield surface, making it have a distracting glare when you drive in the sun or at night under bright streetlights. Do not fall for online DIY pitting removals. You will only make the issues worse. Visit an auto glass shop instead; they will be happy to give you a working solution.

Your windshield is critical to your safety on the road. If your windshield has any of these problems, do not hesitate to contact a reliable auto glass shop. Whether it is a crack or a chip, they will go out of their way to offer excellent repair or replacement services.

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