Shower Enclosure Products And Installations

If you work with dirty substances at your business, there may be occasions in which you wish you could clean up before heading home. The addition of a shower enclosure will provide you with a viable way to freshen up whenever it is convenient.

Shower Enclosure Styles

A shower enclosure will require the installation of plumbing and a cubicle-style stall. The walls of a standard stall will be equal in length and width. A more deluxe-style stall may possess an oblong shape that contains two long side pieces and two shorter end pieces.

Many shower enclosure products contain glass panels. Glass panels may be used as the door pieces to an enclosure. A simple style stall may contain one glass panel that opens and closes. For privacy reasons, a person who invests in a shower enclosure may choose to have etched or tinted glass panels added to portions of an enclosure.

Tile Products And Wall Materials

A shower enclosure may contain a back wall that contains tiling or another kind of smooth wall material. Glass, porcelain, and ceramic are some tile materials that are water-resistant. These products will provide a shower enclosure with a washable surface, plus will add style to a new enclosure. A shower enclosure product that is fully manufactured offsite will contain all of the side pieces and the base piece. A glass technician can install a door that will be complementary to the stall style and type.

Installation Essentials

Before a stall is installed, a plumber will need to configure where the plumbing will be installed. Plumbing can be concealed behind a wall or floor. A drain and drain pipe will be necessary too. A drain and drainpipe can be installed directly into a floor. As water is drained from a shower enclosure, it will be routed through the drainpipe. A contractor who will be installing the enclosure itself can add decorative features or storage features that will make the enclosure more accommodating.

Door handles, towel racks, a shower niche, and lighting are some items that could make a new enclosure more inviting, plus provide plenty of space for bathing essentials. A niche is a recessed hole that sits within the wall of a shower enclosure. A shower niche that contains shelves can be used to hold shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, and more. Towel bars that are secured to a wall can be used to hold washcloths and hand towels.

Reach out to a shower enclosure installation contractor for more information.

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