Windshield Cracks: Glass Repair Tips Every Motorist Should Know

If you have a windshield that becomes cracked, it may not be so bad to where a replacement is needed. You might be able to repair the crack and then go on your way. If so, here are some repair insights to focus on. 

Measure the Crack to Verify It's Repairable 

Even if you think the crack on your windshield can be repaired, it doesn't hurt to make sure and you can do that by measuring it. If the crack is within a repairable range, you can have confidence in this restoration and complete it successfully.

Using basic measuring tape, see how long the crack is. If the measurements are beyond what is repairable according to what your windshield manufacturer says, you need to find a replacement. Whereas if they're not, you can start to prepare for a repair and know it has a good chance to work out.

Focus on Sealants That Are Compatible with Laminated Glass

Your vehicle is made up of different glass materials. The windshield in the front often features laminated glass because of this material's thick and sturdy nature. It's important to account for this glass type when you purchase a sealant for crack repair.

You need to make sure the sealant is compatible with laminated glass so that you can trust the sealant applies correctly and ultimately forms a protective barrier over the crack to keep it from getting bigger. A compatible sealant will make the crack disappear as well if it's not too large.

Perform Multiple Inspections After Repair

Once you get done repairing a crack on your windshield, you want to perform multiple inspections at different intervals to make sure the sealant product you used was successful. This is important to verify before you start to drive your vehicle on a regular basis.

If you don't see any surface problems around the area where the crack was, you know the repair has held up how you intended it to and you can thus drive your vehicle in a normal way again. Whereas if you see smaller cracks have formed or the original crack came back, you might need to replace the said windshield.

If your windshield develops a crack, try to see if a repair is possible first. You can then save money and restore your windshield back to its original form, especially if you follow through with optimal repair techniques and products. 

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