Six Problems You Can Avoid With A Custom Shower Enclosure

Getting a custom shower enclosure for your bathroom can help you to avoid numerous problems that can detract from your everyday comfort. The following are six problems that you can avoid with a custom shower enclosure. 

Being severely limited in the shower design options available

Taking advantage of a custom shower installation in your home gives you so many more shower design options. If you only have standard shower designs to choose from, you won't have as much freedom to get a shower that fits your exact needs and preferences in terms of both style and functionality. 

Living with a shower design that makes cleanings challenging

A custom shower enclosure can be designed to be easier to clean than a shower with a standard design. Frameless shower doors and the use of materials that are easy to clean such as acrylic can make it a simple task to keep your shower clean and properly maintained. This can make everyday life more convenient in your home.  

Being unable to have safety features that you need included in your shower design

If you live with elderly household members or household members with mobility issues, it's especially important to get a custom shower enclosure.

Custom shower enclosures can include any safety features you want or need. Important shower safety features for those with mobility issues include grab bars, water temperature controls, and shower floor designs that prevent slip and fall injuries. 

Frequently dealing with a wet bathroom floor

Many shower designs unfortunately allow shower water to get all over the bathroom floor. When you have a custom shower designed, you can make sure that the placement of your showerhead and shower door will prevent water from leaking out of your shower and onto your bathroom floor. 

Living with a bathroom that feels cramped

Custom shower enclosures are often ideal when you're trying to optimize a limited amount of space in your bathroom.

Custom showers can be designed to offer a more open feel thanks to features like transparent glass doors. Custom showers can also be specially designed to take advantage of all available space so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable and cramped when bathroom users are showering. 

Having shower components that are susceptible to rust development

Some components in standard shower doors such as metal frames are susceptible to rust development over time. If you want to avoid corrosion in your bathroom, you can opt for a custom shower enclosure made with components that won't rust.

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